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Gardens to Garden (D'un jardin à l'Autre)

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Dieu est-il vert ?

(Is God Green ?)

Frédéric Baudin


Ecology is fashionable but is this a sufficient reason for concern?


Christians should have been the first to speak about care for the "garden" that God entrusted to humanity. Unfortunately, they too often forgot what the Bible teaches about care for creation. Believers even used Scripture to justify their abusive practices...


What is our Christian responsibility?

D'un jardin à l'Autre
Frédéric Baudin

This book encourage meditation upon the theme of the gardens in the Bible and promote reflexion on the necessity to protect the environment by putting one's trust in God, which gives this task its real meaning.

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Christianisme & Politique

Christine Boutin, Jacques Buchhold,
Jean-Arnold de Clermont, Sébastien Fath,
Louis Schweitzer, Nicolas Farelly, Frédéric Baudin


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